Customer Confidence Case Studies

We have a long history of meeting challenges head on and transforming them into custom-tailored solutions to fit your company’s needs.

Tapecon has a lengthy track record of excellent results. We invite you to take a look at how we have achieved them.

  • Improve Patient Monitoring with Printed Sensors: A Case Study -   As a medical device manufacturer, you know patient safety is one of the most important aspects of the industry – you don’t want to be responsible for a patient injury!   One way to improve patient safety is to decrease the number of falls from patients getting up without help. Wouldn’t it be nice... Read more »
  • OEM In-Mold Decorating Application - Industry:  OEM In-Mold Decorating Application   Challenge:  Customer had an existing Door Opener Clicker that they wanted to upgrade the decorating with a brushed silver look.  Traditional methods to accomplish this either wouldn’t pass the tough environmental requirements or withstand the rigors of thermoforming and molding.   Solution:  Our graphics group came up with a... Read more »
  • Applications Engineer Alters Design to Solve Problem - Industry: OEM Manufacturing Objective: Customer was experiencing failures of their new membrane switch security keypad.  Tapecon Applications Engineer was sent to diagnose the problem. Execution: Tapecon Applications Engineer assessed why the switch tails (flexible, printed ribbon that electrically connects a membrane switch to a mating electrical circuit) were being damaged.  The Applications Engineer observed operators... Read more »
  • Recreation Vehicle Case Study - Industry: Recreation Vehicle Background:  Customer manufactures specialized propane gas tubing fixtures for many Recreation Vehicle companies. These propane gas tube assemblies must have proper regulatory labels identifying the use and capabilities of their product. Once the propane gas tubing fixtures are completed, labels need to be applied.  A customized labeling machine was purchased and installed... Read more »
  • Innovative Options - The customer, a high-end appliance manufacturer, was decorating their products with heavy-gauge, stamped steel bands that were mechanically fastened to the customer’s various products. The customer had been looking for a different method with which to decorate their products, aiming to be more cost-effective and improve efficiency in the manufacturing process. Tapecon’s Research & Development... Read more »
  • Full Service Solutions - The customer, a Florida-based, high-end graphic design and engineering firm that has worked on projects that include concept cars and watercraft, found Tapecon through an internet search. The task at hand was an identity badge holder for high-security firms and government agencies. The badges contained RFID chips and the customer required that the badges could... Read more »