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Tapecon to sell 2.3 acre Rochester, NY property


During the major consolidation, renovation, and expansion project in 2012, Tapecon made the decision to relocate operations and staff from the Rochester facility to the improved and larger Buffalo headquarters. As part of the move, Tapecon donated the U.S. Custom House in Charlotte to the Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse Historical Society on what was the year of the… Read more »

Innovative Options


The customer, a high-end appliance manufacturer, was decorating their products with heavy-gauge, stamped steel bands that were mechanically fastened to the customer’s various products. The customer had been looking for a different method with which to decorate their products, aiming to be more cost-effective and improve efficiency in the manufacturing process. Tapecon’s Research & Development… Read more »

Full Service Solutions


The customer, a Florida-based, high-end graphic design and engineering firm that has worked on projects that include concept cars and watercraft, found Tapecon through an internet search. The task at hand was an identity badge holder for high-security firms and government agencies. The badges contained RFID chips and the customer required that the badges could… Read more »