Tapecon's feature in The Buffalo News: "Buffalo's New Blue-Collar Worker"

Posted by Kelly Merz | 2/3/16 3:59 PM

On Sunday, January 31st 2016 the Buffalo News showcased Tapecon in their annual Prospectus with a piece titled "Buffalo's New Blue-Collar Workers".  Thanks to Matt Glynn and Derek Gee for the great article and photographs.  Leading with "Not your dad's old, dingy job", the article talked about how modern manufacturers like Tapecon are seeking workers with a set of higher level skills potential that can meet the needs of advanced manufacturing now and into the future.   Success in the modern manufacturing environment such as Tapecon is rooted in attitude, passion, and the ability to learn.  With rapidly advancing technology, the capability and flexibility of continual learning is a key attribute for the next generation employee in the manufacturing sector.


Tapecon is honored to be featured and proud to be part of showcasing that manufacturing of today and tomorrow is not "your dad's old, dingy job".


Link to Buffalo News Article:  http://strictlybusiness.buffalonews.com/2016/01/28/modern-manufacturing-reflects-shift-to-higher-skills/?inf_contact_key=6a71f48273cde7285eb90202d184b2a4e75b6edd317ae4a54508c913171b89e6

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