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Tapecon Honors the Life of Harlow Davis Jr

on 9/18/18 9:54 AM By | Kelly Merz | 0 Comments | Latest News
Tapecon honors the life of Harlow Davis Jr. Harlow was the 3rd generation of ownership of Tapecon. 
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Tapecon Promotes New Production Manager

on 9/5/18 2:35 PM By | Kelly Merz | 0 Comments | Latest News
Tapecon, Inc. is honored to announce the promotion of Greg Pershyn to Production Manager. He started at Tapecon in 2015 as a screen technician, then advanced to the prepress supervisor. He has vast experience in critical and creative thinking with a Master’s from Buffalo State College. Greg is an exemplary model of our core values, solving application challenges to enhance people’s lives.
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