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Durable Printing


Flexographic High Quality Spot and Process Color for Graphics and Labels

Tapecon Screen Printing AutomotiveProductIf products that are resistant to weather, UV light, fading, chemicals, and abrasions are a must for your business, look no further than Tapecon’s Durable Screen Printing group. Selective & zoned adhesives, custom textures, and optically clear materials are features that are readily available to enhance your products.

With over 90 years of experience, we are able to offer our customers expanded capabilities to fulfill a wide variety of applications. Our decals and nameplates are permanent components on many of today’s high visibility products.

Flexographic printing is ideal for medium to high volume high quality graphics, labels, and packaging where stunning images and shelf appeal are important. Features available that help to enhance your products include lamination, embossing, hot stamping, holographic, color changing ink, UV illuminants, tamperproof and security, and printed textures.


High Durability Screen Printing with Resistance to Harsh Environments

Durable Screen Printing is ideal for electronics panels, where you need high durability, and where resistance to UV, fading, chemicals and abrasion are important. Features available that help to enhance your products include selective and Zones Adhesives, custom textures, and optically clear materials. Design assistance is available from our experienced Screen Printing Division.

Tapecon offers expanded capabilities to fulfill a wide variety of applications. Our innovative industrial labels and nameplates are permanent components on many of today’s high visibility products.


  • Flexo printed in rolls or sheets
  • Full or selective adhesive constructions
  • Keyboard decals
  • Thermal die cut decals
  • Backlit displays / dead front panels and zone textures
  • In-Mold Decorating, In-Mold Labeling
  • Window decals
  • Single and double sided printing
  • Die-cut, pre-spaced legends and logos
  • UL / CSA approved constructions
  • Clean room environment
  • ITAR Registered
  • ITAR overlays and decals
  • Tamper evident overlays and labels
  • Tamperproof overlays and labels
  • Screen printed in rolls or sheets
  • Flexible nameplates and decals
  • Keyboard overlays
  • Custom decal stickers
  • Membrane overlays
  • Thermal die cut decals
  • Embossed nameplates
  • Printed magnets
  • Outdoor decal applications
  • Signage


Advantages of Flexographic and Screen Printed Products:

  • Durable
  • Weather / UV resistant
  • Vibrant colors – fade resistant
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant
  • Selective adhesive & zones adhesives
  • Custom textures for faceplates
  • Optically clear & scratch-resistant material


Digital Printing

Unmatched Quality, Incredible Resolution, Mass Customization

Tapecon is recognized as an industry leading industrial digital printing company. The technologies that we use allow us to offer our customers high quality, short to medium run products including labels, decals, and membrane switch overlays with quick turnaround times. Cost savings are achieved by eliminating films, plates, screens, and traditional material waste. There are significantly less raw materials used in the process thanks to vastly reduced make-ready time.

Our industrial digital printing technologies allow us to produce goods with custom numbering, barcodes, security features, and fully variable images and variable data.

Key Advantages of Digital Printing:

  • Print from one to many colors
  • Capable of printing complex artwork design
  • Wide variety of materials available
  • Short lead times
  • Cost effective
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Roll and sheet options


Tapecon has several digital printing technologies:

  • Dry toner electrophotography technology ensures digital printing quality that is simply unmatched. The toner has excellent outdoor UV fade resistance and abrasion resistance. This technology allows for maximum speed printing with variable repeat lengths and labels of different sizes and formats in the same run. Regardless of the number of colors required to complete the job, print speed will not be affected. This digital printing process boosts a number of environmentally friendly benefits which eliminates water pollution, saves energy, and makes paper recycling easy.


  • Thermal transfer is a digital printing technology commonly used to print unique, one-off images and alpha-numeric characters with a high resolution and excellent image durability. Durable thermal transfer color printing with digital cutting eliminates the need for films, plates, screens and costly dies. This technology is a great fit for prototypes and short runs of labels, decals, banners, signage, overlays, table and floor graphics, and much more.


  • Inkjet Printing: Inkjet printing offers great option for thick rigid substrate printing. This technology is a great fit for prototypes and short and medium runs of labels, decals, banners, signage, overlays, table and floor graphics, and much more.


UL Products

Tapecon Screen Printing UL Product-

Since 1984, UL has been working to promote a safer world through rigorous testing of products in order to ensure that they meet a strict set of safety standards.

Tapecon is recognized by UL as a member of the Authorized Label Suppliers Program and is recognized in the Marking and Labeling Systems – Component and Printing Materials – Component categories.

We take pride in understanding product safety and have a wealth of knowledge in the variety of applications of the UL system.


Tapecon Screen Printing MedicalIndicator

Temperature, sterilization, and time indicators are just three of the many types of indicators that we are able to produce at Tapecon. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the industry and the required processes, we have the ability to create medical devices and solutions that consistently meet or exceed the strict regulatory requirements.

For over four decades, Tapecon has been a reliable converting partner for industry-leading medical and medical device providers. Tapecon’s ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 paired with over 90 years of product innovation stand as a testament to the quality of our products and adherence to safety standards.


Tapecon Screen Printing UL Product

When your brand needs to stand out in harsh conditions, Tapecon’s Durable Screen Printing division is the group to make that happen. We specialize in industrial applications where vibrant colors need to shine. When durability for outdoor use and resistance to chemicals and abrasion are a must, look no further than Tapecon.


Tapecon Screen Printing Membrane Switch Overlay

Thanks to a wide range of materials as well as custom textures and adhesive applications, Tapecon is able to provide the perfect overlay for your product. Fade, chemical, abrasion, and weather resistance are all key factors of the reputation for durability that Tapecon has established. That reputation serves as an extension of Tapecon’s 90-plus years of experience.



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