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Tapecon Industrial Labels Security Printing and In-Mold Decorating

Fast Turnaround on High-Quality Custom Industrial Labels and Brand Graphics for General and Specialized Industrial Applications


With over 95 years experience Tapecon is a leading source of high-quality custom label, brand graphics, and packaging for industrial applications. Whether it’s for brand identity, decoration, instructions, safety, regulatory compliance or purely decorative, contact Tapecon for your Industrial printing needs.

Industrial Capabilities Include:

• Digital, flexographic or screen printing
• UL & CSA compliant labels
(Tapecon is a UL & CSA Approved Supplier)
• Cut & Stack Labels
• Rolled Labels
• Pressure Sensitive Labels
• Poly Roll-Fed Labels
• Printing on Tape
• Domed Labels
• Prime labels
• Barcodes/QR codes for tracking & product information
• Unique Device Identifier or Serialized Numbers
• Laminates
• Clear
• Embossed
• Die or laser cut
• Metallic
• Clear, textures, zones
• Holograms
 Security printing
• Foil
• Infrared illuminants
• Color changing smart inks
• Security papers
• Tamper evident
• Tamper-proof
• ITAR labels
• RFID tags

Industrial In-Mold Decorating & In-Mold Labeling

Incorporate engaging graphics directly into plastic parts. In-mold or insert mold decoration is the insertion of a graphic into an injection mold. Durable intricate images and stunning graphics can thereby be incorporated into functional plastic components that enhance the appearance of your product. Tapecon can provide complete components, mold inserts, or graphic overlays. Contact us for a quick-turn quote.

Industrial In-Mold Cost Savings Factors:

  • Integrated components save costs and improve yields
  • Able to decorate prior to the molding cycle
  • Eliminate overlay label application costs
  • Eliminate or reduce the post-mold process
  • Minimize waste and spoilage costs

Industrial In-Mold Decorating Advantages:

  • Ability to design from a variety of surface technologies
    • Surface textures – Hard coated
    • Abrasion and scratch resistant
  • Integrate multiple enhancements and apply functionality into a single component
    • Backlit technology – keypads
    • EMI /RFI shielding – lenses
    • Encapsulate circuitry
  • Protected or buried graphics
  • Provide mass customization through assorted images while using a single molding tool
  • Easier to recycle and less contamination from component bonding adhesives
  • Ability to print a variety of stunning graphic images
    • “Wrapped” graphics

Security Printing for Industrial Brand Graphics

Effective Approaches to Industrial Piracy Protection

A small incremental investment in the printing of packaging and labels can return large savings in monitoring for and controlling the pirate manufacture or unapproved distribution of your product. The following are examples of brand protection printing:


Font type that is so small that it becomes nearly invisible to the naked eye.




Special, complex line drawings with irregular, complex shapes and patterns that are extremely difficult to copy.



Variable Imaging

Imaging options that range from sterilization to barcodes to randomly placed micro-dots that are invisible to the naked eye but can be authenticated using a scanner and specific software.


Raised Images & Illustrations

A tactile feature can be introduced to printing products that creates another dimension of brand security.

Security Substrates

Thermo and UV-sensitive substrates, reactive anti-fraud chemicals, watermarks holograms, embedded threads, and foils are just a few of he security substrate options available.

Clear Toner

Allows customers to include text, messages, or shapes that are visible only under UV light.

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