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Protoscale improves brand owner market competitiveness through accelerated technology development solutions for printed sensor technologies.
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What is Protoscale? - Tapecon

What is Protoscale?

Protoscale re-launched in 2019 with a new vision.  After the initial launch in 2015 to help startups accelerate inventions, Protoscale is pivoting to focus on technology development services for established OEM's who want to accelerate commercialization of their new products.  The new focus is a result of direct feedback from Tapecon customers who work in the R&D function of their companies.  With the demand for more active and intelligent products, the time is now for Protoscale to align with Tapecon to provide customers a one-stop shop for technology development and contract manufacturing.

Tapecon and Protoscale share a common mission of "solving application challenges that enhance people's lives" and the Protoscale value of developing and advancing technologies combines well with Tapecon's value of providing outsourced manufacturing solutions. Learn more about Tapecon here.

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Launch New Products, Smarter

Protoscale’s researchers and scientists develop technologies in printed chemical and electrical sensors for brand owners in industrial and medical markets to make their products more intelligent. Applications include environmental monitoring, food safety and bioprocess control, and personal biomarker detection.

Protoscale’s technology development services paired with Tapecon’s manufacturing services gives a brand owner a single source solution to add intelligence to their products. 

Protoscale Offerings

Our offerings are designed to give you speed to market while reducing the costs associated with new product introduction.

Services - Protoscale


OEM services for design specification capture and project management to advance printed chemical and electrical sensor technologies.

Protoscale - Innovations


Chemical and electrical sensor technologies available for license by OEM's.

Products - Protoscale


Products developed from printed chemical and electrical sensor technologies that are directly available for purchase.


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