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Protoscale accelerates commercialization of life enhancing and sustainable technologies and companies through development, prototyping and market validation.
About Protoscale - Tapecon

About Protoscale

Protoscale was founded to identify, evaluate, and commercialize new technologies that either support current and future Tapecon business opportunities, or offer disruptive approaches to technologies or markets of interest while offering joint-development possibilities with strategic partners focused on longer term production and marketing of new products.

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Technology Interests

Proprietary Enabling Technologies:

  • Wearables

  • Flexible Hybrid Electronics

  • Printed Sensors

  • Smart Packaging

  • Connected Devices


Protoscale’s technology development paired with Tapecon’s manufacturing services gives a single source solution to accelerate new product development.

Platform Technologies

Proprietary enabling technologies that can be engineered into a product to solve a market problem.




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