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Protoscale accelerates commercialization of life enhancing and sustainable technologies and companies through development, prototyping and market validation.

About Protoscale - Tapecon

About Protoscale

With the demand for more active and intelligent products, Protoscale is now focusing on technology development services to accelerate commercialization of new products.

Protoscale was founded by Steve Davis, President of Tapecon. Tapecon and Protoscale share a common mission of "solving application challenges that enhance people's lives." The Protoscale value of developing and advancing technologies aligns with Tapecon's value of providing outsourced manufacturing solutions. Learn more about Tapecon here.

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Launch New Products, Smarter & Faster

Protoscale enables life enhancing and sustainable technologies for companies in life science and medical device markets to advance and accelerate their new products.

Protoscale’s commercialization services paired with Tapecon’s manufacturing services gives a single source solution to accelerate new product development.

Protoscale Offerings

Commercialization Services

Commercialization Services

Market Validation and Prototyping

Platform Technologies

Platform Technologies

Proprietary enabling technologies that can be engineered into a product to solve a market problem.



Early-stage companies supported by Protoscale’s services and network


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