Core Purpose:


We deliver solutions that matter.

We help our customers drive innovation – innovation that helps them realize products that create a better world. When we think about how important these innovations are, it reminds us why we take pride in our work; why we hold each other accountable; why we strive to put forth our very best effort. At Tapecon, when we deliver solutions, we know that they matter – and we know we’re making a difference.


Core Values:


Learning is a lifestyle.

At Tapecon, the will to learn reigns supreme. The constant pursuit of knowledge propels us forward and helps us grow. But it doesn’t stop there – knowledge is meant to be shared. The ability to teach others what we’ve learned and pass on that knowledge is a part of our learning process. When we learn as a lifestyle, we become a stronger, better, more effective team.


Embrace the challenge.

We move fast to keep up with the changing world around us. Each day presents new challenges and with it, new opportunities to succeed. The recipe for that success includes flexibility, adaptability, an open mind, resiliency, a collaborative spirit, and a desire to win.


Improve it.

Delivering solutions is important – but delivering the best solutions is what sets us apart. Every process provides an opportunity: we believe in the power of continuous improvement; defining the need, collecting the data, digging deep to ask ‘why’?, adding value. When we solve problems, we go “inside the box” – inside our toolbox of systems and resources that work hand-in-hand with creative thinking.


Connect and collaborate.

Community, collaboration, teamwork: no one truly succeeds without it. Whether it’s establishing ourselves in our respective communities in the outside world, forging new strategic partnerships to create value for the organization, or creating meaningful connections and communicating with our teammates, it’s about being an active participant in our environment.