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"Tapecon has provided us unmatched support and dedication in developing materials for our growing product lines. We have worked with Tapecon for many years, and the expertise and guidance we have received has been a large contributor to the success of our product lines. We can always rely on expert advice and top quality materials. Thanks for your help in growing our business, it is invaluable to have a partner like Tapecon right here in Western New York."

Product Manager

"Thank you for helping us develop four new products, providing excellent customer service and remaining committed to our vision. I am blown away by the attention and responsiveness I receive from the Tapecon team to the point where I always feel like their most important client."

Product Engineer

"Your company along with your team have again exceeded our expectations. Moreover thank you for your quote to move forward on the prototypes. To that point when convenient kindly forward an electronic version and we will move forward accordingly. We truly appreciate your efforts in supporting this endeavor."

Product Manager

"Thank you and everyone at Tapecon for the hospitality and interest in working with us.  We were both very impressed with the quality of work that is produced at Tapecon.  One thing that I always look for when touring a plant is the level of engagement of the men and women on the floor with visitors.  I noticed very clearly that there is ownership and pride among your team and I believe that success only comes when these elements exist coupled with enthusiasm and I was glad to see that yesterday."


"I am very glad to have a vendor like your company. I received the automatic shipment notification for the 100 pieces. Once I saw the email, I immediately advised the people involved in order to import the part today.  I am very glad to have a vendor like your company."

Purchasing Manager

"Thank you very much for all of your cooperation and dedication this week, as you worked with us to help get part of our order done.  We sincerely appreciate the effort you have put forth and time to make sure that we got some of the order today for me to take on my trip with me and to also be able to ship some product today.

Your efforts and customer service are exceptional and it was very nice to have your support, especially from a local company, to help out a fellow WNY company."

Product Manager

"Thank you, for turning this order around so fast, you went well above and beyond my expectations.  You guys are great!"

Product Manager

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