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Precise. Protective. Innovative.  

Whether safeguarding against failure or enabling new functionality, gaskets and filtration components are critical for many products. At Tapecon, we welcome the challenge of creating high-quality, custom components.

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Capabilities for seals and gaskets

Tapecon combines multiple technologies to convert raw materials into gaskets and filtration components, improving your product’s usability. 

What sets Tapecon apart is our ability to fabricate intricate, unique constructions. We offer a wide range of capabilities, including roll-to-roll, sheet-to-sheet, cutting, laminating, printing, clean room assembly, and more. As an outsourced manufacturing partner, we’re ready to convert a single component at high volumes or handle complete production.  

Uses for gaskets and filtration components

Custom sealing components are used in an array of medical and industrial applications. 

Noise and vibration

Dampen unwanted noises and absorb the energy of vibration within a product.

Liquid management

Create a water-tight seal to prevent leaks and enable fluid transfer.

Air filtration

Filter particulates out of the air steam with a filter insert.

Medical Device Seals

Maintain seals and connections in medical devices with silicone-based foams.

Going beyond standard

In addition to the basic construction, Tapecon offers several unique features and enhancements for your gasket or filtration components.

  • Sterilization or UV indicators
  • Printed graphics
  • Customized packaging

Ensuring material effectiveness and capability

Producing an effective gasket or filtration solution begins with material selection. Our team works with your design and specifications to recommend the ideal core material, factoring in performance, cost, and manufacturability. We then select compatible secondary materials, such as differential adhesives for silicone gaskets or liner options to prevent paper chafe. As a leading advanced manufacturer, Tapecon has strong supplier relationships to ensure business continuity. 

Conquering multi-layer constructions

Gaskets and filtration components require converting materials with several processes, introducing variables such as compression, elongation, and layer alignment. Tapecon specializes in complex, multiple-layer constructions. Our advanced equipment can convert several layers and different profiles in a single pass – saving time and material costs. We hold ourselves to lofty quality standards, including minimizing the “rubber band” effect of materials and controlling tight tolerances for exceptional edge definition.

Delta 4-1
Converting Clean Room

Medical-grade capabilities

At Tapecon, we have a proven track record of manufacturing high-quality medical device components, including gaskets and filtration components. Our USA-based facility is ISO 13485 certified and holds the highest level of FDA certification for medical devices. Tapecon also offers clean room converting when required for sensitive applications.

What are gaskets and filtration components?

Gaskets are incorporated into devices to seal sensitive internal components and protect contents from contamination. Through design engineering and material selection, gaskets can provide a complete seal for liquids, gas, noise, vibration, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and more. They can also control the level of passage, such as managing airflow. Filtration material can be added to a gasket to separate and collect particles passing through the device. 

When designing a gasket or filtration component, there are many considerations, including compressibility, environmental conditions, durability, and industry regulations. At Tapecon, we have extensive materials expertise and comprehensive converting capabilities, along with an eagerness to push the envelope to help develop innovative applications. 

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