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Tapecon Medical Printing and Converting

Contract Manufacturing, Packaging


ISO 13485 Registered, cGMP Certified and FDA Registered Component, Sub-assembly and Full Product Contract Manufacturing For Medical Devices, Medical Disposable Products and Medical Equipment.


Tapecon partners closely with OEMs for contract manufacturing of medical devices and of components for medical diagnostic and monitoring equipment. Our clean room, sterile handling capabilities, experience in smart ink printing coating application, and packaging, provides new outsource options for contract manufacturers of biomedical sensors. Our ISO 13485 certification FDA Registration and our long list of prominent OEM customers serve as a testament to our knowledge and understanding of the critical industry guidelines and requirements.

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Design to Delivery Services

We work with you through each step of the process:

Conceptualization & Application

  • Concept brainstorming
  • Requirements specification
  • Alternatives exploration
  • Materials selection
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Supplier qualification

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Engineering & Manufacturing
• Detailed technical specification
• CAD drawings
• Value engineering
• Design for manufacturability
• Preproduction samples
• Contract manufacturer of your design
• Assembly of complete products
• Class 100 clean area
• Sterilization
Supply Chain Services
• Customized packaging and labeling
• Order cost minimization
• Private labeling
• Traceability tracking
• Drop shipment
• Lot customization
• Kanban & inventory management

Turnkey Contract Product Manufacturing

Low to high volume, Tapecon will work closely with you to produce either your engineered design or to assist in taking your product concept through specification, design, value engineering steps to final production and shipment. Our expertise in materials, adhesives and converting techniques for medical products enable us to help you meet your budget and shipment goals.

Medical Product Manufacturing Capabilities

We have a full range of capabilities to serve as a qualified OEM supplier:

• Quality systems for medical products
• Medical materials expertise
• Medical material converting
• Specialized printing for medical products
• Devoted areas for assembly and packaging
• Tested fabrication techniques for medical products
• In-house testing capabilities
• Electronics assemblies for medical equipment
• Clean room environments
• Commercialization services
• Custom converting
• Die cutting
• Digital printing
• Engineering solutions
• Flexographic printing
• Hand assembly
• Laminating
• Prototyping
• Screen printing
• Slitting
• Supply chain management
• Validation services

Equipment and Single Use  Disposable Applications

Below are some of the types of applications we have worked with:

• Respiration aids
• Ostomy appliances
• Single-use disposable products

• Test strips
• Sensing products
• Hydrocolloid and hydrogel dressings
• Woven and nonwoven
• Biocompatible pressure-sensitive adhesives
• Wearable sensors
• Proximity sensors
• Electrodes
• IV Labels Wound care dressings
• Antimicrobial dressings

• IV conformable film dressings
• Multi-layer island dressings
• MVTR dressings
• Suture and wound closure strips
• Hermetically sealed packaging
• Breathable cohesive medical paper packaging
• Pouches
• Connector seals & gaskets
• Decals (standard & domed)
• Die-cut and laminated assemblies
• Filters with pressure-sensitive adhesives
• Foil & foam constructions
• Functional labels
• IV hanger labels
• Identification labels
• In-mold decorating
• Kapton masks & shields
• Membrane switches
• Printed electronics
• Overlays
• Printed web
• Product labels
• Sensors & electrodes
• Spacers & insulators
• Sterilization indicators
• User interfaces


Medical Materials Expertise

Selecting the right materials for a product is key to meeting goals for performance, reliability, safety, functionality, and cost. Tapecon can advise, sample and test to ensure that the design meets the application requirements. For stick to skin wearable applications, we can work with ISO 10993 biocompatible materials.

Medical Grade Materials Include:

  • Foil & foam constructions
  • Woven & nonwoven Filters
  • Flexible breathable materials
  • Adhesives: acrylics, rubber based, silicones, hydrogels, hydrocolloids
  • Foams
  • Medical foam tape
  • Films
  • Low trauma adhesives
  • stick-to-skin applications
  • low trauma acrylic
  • silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • High moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR)
  • Wound care backing
  • Good breathability and MVTR
  • Porous, highly-permeable formulations
  • Medical grade foams, film, foil, hydrogel, hydrocolloids
  • Transdermal patches
  • Consigned material conversion and sterile packaging
  • Medical grade foams, film, foil, hydrogel, hydrocolloids
  • Single and multilayer films,
  • Medical grade papers
  • Multilayer laminations
  • Foils
  • Tear resistant materials such as Tyvek


Tapecon has relationships with leading suppliers of medical grade materials and adhesives whom we call on when researching the best fit for applications. Tapecon is a 3M Select Converter.




Medical Converting

Our Converting capabilities include:

  • Tight tolerance precision die-cutting of complex and simple shapes. Tolerance Specs
  • Laser systems for cutting, perforating, seaming, etching, welding, marking, and engraving
  • Precision slitting, rewinding, web cleaning
  • Laminating, including multi-layer laminations
  • Custom slitting and rewinding
  • Consigned material conversion

Medical Printing

Smart Ink Printing

Tapecon expertise in applying chemistries to substrates enables us to print and coat with functional inks for sensing and measurement. We can work with your proprietary formulations or work with our trusted suppliers to identify the appropriate chemistry for your project.

Security Printing

Security printing can be used to enable traceability or to protect against counterfeiting, unapproved distribution, or tampering. See Tapecon Security Printing for more information.

Label, Package and Graphics Printing

We can advise on the best substrates, adhesives, and lamination techniques, and then apply printing technology to meet the application requirements on cleanability, durability, chemical resistance, and branding. Tapecon has equipment for low volume digital or high volume jobs.

Printed Electronics

Tapecon has expertise in Flexible and Printed Electronics enabling us to print and convert electronic components.


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