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Tapecon Services Shark Tooth

Tapecon takes pride in being a source of full service solutions for your business. From inception to completion, we want to be there every step of the way with your project. Our design, engineering, and sales groups have the knowledge and experience to create the perfect solution for your company’s needs.

For decades, we at Tapecon have stood by our mission:
A tradition of partnered solutions to assist our customers to design, grow and improve their products.



Tapecon Services Art Department

Tapecon is home to a talented team of designers that will take your concept and transform it into a finished product. Our extensive knowledge of design, color management, and materials will see your ideas to become an eye-catching finished product that will allow your company to succeed.

Tapecon’s Prepress department has unparalleled capabilities and expertise to deliver high-impact solutions that decorate, identify, and protect your products.

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Tapecon Services Quality Testing

Tapecon’s experienced team of engineers is here to help turn your concept from a sketch on a napkin into an integral part of your operation for years to come. With over 20 years of membrane switch design and a combined 40 years of CAD experience, Tapecon’s engineers will work with you to find the best, most cost-effective solution for your firm’s needs.

Our material experts will assist you in selecting and combining the best components, adhesives, and technologies for your product.

Whether your company requires a membrane switch designed from the ground up, a complex layered circuit, or improvement on a current design, Tapecon’s team will work with you to ensure quality results that exceed expectations.

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Supply Chain Maximization

Tapecon Services Warehouse

Due to the challenging economy with steep competition and rising costs, it has become increasingly important to engage with our customers at a deeper level than ever before. We have developed a Supply Chain Management (SCM) program to capitalize on our strength and add significant value for our customers.

The Sales & Marketing team at Tapecon makes a point of taking our company’s mission and values to heart. We always strive to add value to our customers’ businesses and believe in building lasting relationships. We understand that “me too” and transaction-based strategies can not deliver the mutually beneficial and lasting partnerships that are crucial in today’s business environment.

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