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Sealing the Deal: Gasket Solutions for Medical Device Enclosures

Sealing the Deal: Gasket Solutions for Medical Device Enclosures

In the field of medical device manufacturing, the integrity of device enclosures is critical. Effective sealing solutions are not just a matter of efficiency but a cornerstone of device safety and reliability. Gaskets play a crucial role in safeguarding devices against environmental challenges, ensuring that the technology healthcare professionals and patients rely on remains protected and performs as intended.

The Challenge of Sealing Medical Device Enclosures

Medical grade gasket materials must be capable of withstanding environments that are characterized by extreme heat, freezing temperatures, or constant exposure to moisture. Chemicals and sanitizing agents can also take a toll on gaskets; therefore, medical-grade gasket materials must be capable of withstanding regular exposure.

Gasket Solutions from Tapecon

Tapecon offers a range of sealing solutions for healthcare equipment and medical devices to ensure durability and compliance in device enclosures:

Customization and Innovation

At Tapecon, we believe that every medical device challenge presents an opportunity for innovation. Our custom gasket design and manufacturing services are at the forefront of addressing complex sealing issues, offering bespoke solutions that meet both functional and regulatory needs. From unique material combinations to innovative shapes and configurations, our custom solutions are designed to tackle even the most challenging sealing requirements.

Material Considerations

Choosing the right material for a medical device gasket is a nuanced process that considers biocompatibility, chemical resistance, and the material's physical properties. We use a range of materials, including silicone, foam, and rubber, to address the specific needs of medical device enclosures. Tapecon collaborates closely with clients to navigate these considerations, selecting materials that not only meet the functional demands of the device but also comply with regulatory requirements. Our expertise in material science ensures that each gasket solution enhances device safety and performance.

Ensuring Compliance and Performance

Adherence to regulatory standards is non-negotiable in the medical device industry. Tapecon's gasket solutions are crafted with compliance in mind, meeting the rigorous quality assurance standards set forth by regulatory bodies.  Our USA-based facility is ISO 13485 certified and holds the highest level of FDA certification for medical devices. We also offer clean room converting when required for sensitive applications.


With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, Tapecon works with your designers and professionals to explore how they can enhance the reliability and compliance of their medical devices with customized gasket solutions. Learn more about our gaskets and filtration applications.


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