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A Design Engineer’s Guide to Control Panel Overlays

What does heavy-duty industrial machinery have in common with a cutting-edge medical device?...

7 Considerations for Designing a Custom Graphic Overlay

First appearances may be deceiving. Take the graphic overlay, for instance. At initial glance, this...

A Designer's Guide to Color Matching in a Graphic Overlay

Color can be a very subjective, even emotional topic. We all have our favorite shades and hues that...

Mind Your Ps – Choosing Polycarbonate or Polyester for Graphic Overlays

Here at Tapecon, one question we often get from customers is, “What’s the best material for a...

Multi-faceted – 5 Unique Purposes of a Graphic Overlay

Do you consider yourself a multi-tasker? There’s ongoing debate whether multi-tasking is truly...

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