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The Role of Precision Printing in Medical Device Manufacturing

In the world of medical device manufacturing, the precision of every detail matters immensely. The integration of electronics and wearables into medical devices introduces a new dimension of complexity, necessitating printing solutions that are not only durable and comfortable but also meet stringent regulatory and skin contact standards.

At Tapecon, we understand that medical device manufacturing is not just about meeting standards; it's about pioneering advancements in healthcare through innovative printing techniques. Here's how our precision printing capabilities are enhancing medical device manufacturing.

Precision Printing in Medical Device Manufacturing

When adding durable printing and coating to medical devices, there are different techniques that manufacturers use, including:

Screen Printing

For years, companies have used screen printing of medical devices. Screen printing provides precise, high-quality printing on a variety of substrates for labeling, branding, and functional components. This is a versatile technique to produce intricate designs and crisp text that is highly durable.

A tightly controlled process and custom ink formulations make screen printing a strong solution for applications that require longevity or resistance to harsh environments.

Tapecon offers durable screen printing on state-of-the-art screen stations, capable of printing in rolls and sheets, using selective and zoned adhesives, custom textures, and optically clear materials. This is an excellent solution for medical device products that need to be resistant to outdoor elements, UV light, chemicals, or abrasions without fading.


Flexographic printing of medical devices offers seamless integration of printing and converting processes. The ability to print on different materials, such as plastics, films, and foils, provides multiple options for medical device manufacturers. It is an efficient and cost-effective production method that ensures consistent quality and accuracy in high resolution.

Flexographic printing is a solid choice for large-volume runs. Tapecon offers flexographic printing using a flexible plate and rollers to print onto substrates. Flexographic printing for medical devices can also efficiently handle converting processes such as laminating, die-cutting, or slitting.


Digital printing of medical devices eliminates the need for plates or screens, allowing for faster production and reduced setup times. Since there is no upfront investment in screens or plates, digital printing is scalable for high-volume or low-volume production runs. This also streamlines the printing process and minimizes waste — creating a more sustainable solution. Digital printing also dries instantly, which produces faster turnaround times.

Featuring consistent, accurate detail, medical device manufacturers can use complex designs and patterns. This is particularly effective in the production of wearables, where the integration of electronics demands optimal functionality and comfort. Other benefits include:

  • Variable printing allows you to print multiple SKUs per run
  • Ability to print stick-to-skin materials
  • Graphics can be abrasion-resistant

Some digital printing is FDA-approved for indirect food contact (skin contact) and meets applicable safety regulations. Some printing can be non-toxic and odorless for food packaging to meet FDA and corporate guidelines.

Tapecon offers digital medical device printing solutions with resolutions up to 1200 x 3600 dpi on substrates that do not require a special topcoat. The digital printing process does not produce any organic volatile compounds (VOCs), reducing waste, saving energy, and creating a more sustainable process.

You can also leverage variable data printing (VDP) to add customized graphics in a single print run. This provides an added layer of security and traceability at the individual SKU level.

Tapecon's Expertise in Action

With over a century of experience, Tapecon is your trusted partner in medical device manufacturing. Our expertise extends to functional printing for flexible electronics, biosensors, and smart packaging, ensuring your medical devices are not only compliant but at the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Whether it's integrating sensors for real-time monitoring or employing flexible circuits for enhanced device functionality, our team is equipped to meet your most complex challenges.

Let's Innovate Together

Discover the perfect blend of experience and innovative ideas with Tapecon. Let's collaborate to create medical devices that not only meet but exceed the expectations of the modern healthcare landscape. Contact us to explore how our precision printing capabilities can enhance your products and streamline your manufacturing process.


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