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Learn more about the podcast and submit the form to apply to be a guest. Tapecon's Better Product Solutions Podcast exists to facilitate conversations among engineers, product managers, procurement managers and a variety of professionals in the manufacturing space to explore a simple pursuit - how we can make products better.

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About the Podcast

The Better Product Solutions Podcast is hosted by Steve Davis, President at Tapecon, Inc. He's joined by experts in the manufacturing space to discuss a variety of topics ranging from flexible materials and chemistries to application technology and manufacturing processes. All conversations follow a singular theme - how we as an industry can continue to make products better. Full-length video and audio are made available for each episode, as well as a complete transcription of the entire conversation.

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All episodes of the podcast are video recorded. While we share a few short clips of each episode on Tapecon's LinkedIn page, all full-length episodes are published to our YouTube channel.

Additionally, you can listen to our podcast on your favorite podcast streaming service. All full-length episodes are published on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more. Be sure to subscribe and leave us a review!

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We have fun, insightful conversations with various leaders in the printing and manufacturing industry.

Podcast: Harry Moser, Founder & President of the Reshoring Initiative

In this episode, we speak with Harry Moser, president of the Reshoring Initiative. Harry has 55 years of experience in the manufacturing industry,

Podcast: Phil Heft from Memcon on Connectors and Printed Electronics

In this episode, we talk to Phil Heft, the Business Development Manager of North America for Memcon. Phil’s years of experience have led him to be an

Podcast: Rafael Tudela from Tapecon on Flexible Hybrid Electronics

In episode 10, we talk to Rafael Tudela, a fellow Tapeconian with an interesting educational background. A double major in electrical and electronic

Podcast: Lou Brossard of Curbell Plastics on Light Management Film

In this episode Lou Brossard, the Senior Product Specialist from Curbell Plastics joins us. Lou specializes in films and tapes, and discusses the

Podcast: Erika Rebrosova of Sun Chemical on Human Machine Interfaces

In our 8th episode of the podcast, we spoke with Erika Rebrosova, the Global Technology Manager at Sun Chemical. Erika joined us to talk about all

Podcast: Mark Darby of Lumitex on Flexible Light Technology

In Episode 7, we talked to Mark Darby, Vice President of Sales for Lumitex, designers and developers of innovative lighting solutions. In this

Get on the Podcast!

We are currently accepting applications to join Steve Davis for an upcoming episode.

If you'd like to join Steve for an episode of The Better Product Solutions Podcast, submit the form on this page. Be sure to include what specific topic you'd like to discuss, why you're qualified to discuss it and why you think it would be of interest or value to product teams looking to make products better.

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