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Membrane Switch Handling Requirements

Tapecon Membrane Switch Handling Requirements For Switches with LED’s and/or Metal Domes

  1. DO NOT depress the button(s) or metal dome(s) unless the switch is on a flat, hard surface.

  2. DO NOT bend or flex switch in button or LED areas.

  3. DO NOT flex the switch beyond 5° of flat.

  4. DO NOT crease the ribbon cable.

  5. DO NOT bend the ribbon cable tighter than 1/8” radius.

  6. DO NOT handle the conductive traces at the end of the ribbon cable unless properly grounded for ESD event.

  7. STORE switches FLAT, individually or as received in originally supplied package.

  8. Prior to application of the switch to housing, clean surface area where switch is to be placed with isopropyl alcohol. Allow alcohol to dry, and remove any dust or debris from mounting surface.

  9. APPLICATION: To apply switches to housing unit, carefully remove the release liner from backside, exposing the adhesive. Avoid touching the adhesive. Position the switch where desired and gently tack in place with the side of your thumb. Then, using a rubber-coated hand held roller, firmly roll over the entire switch, working from the center of switch to the outside edges. Do this at least two times, ensuring that one hundred percent of the switch has been firmly secured to the housing unit.

  10. Do not attempt to remove the switch from the housing once it has been adhered to it, unless the switch is bad and needs to be replaced. Removing the switch will destroy it.

Remember, these switches are sensitive electronic devices and are subject to damage from flexing, rough handling, or improper storage.

Tapecon, Inc. Engineering Staff, offers these recommendations to all of their Membrane Switch customers as a basic set of guidelines. There may be particularly intricate switch designs that will require extra handling or storage precautions. Tapecon will advise their customers of additional recommendations if and when needed.

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