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Tapecon Evolving Through Innovation for 100 Years

on 4/2/19 3:38 PM By | Kelly Merz | 0 Comments | Latest News
For 100 Years, Tapecon has been providing our customers with better product solutions by evolving through innovation. Our evolution has allowed us to continually solve the complex problems of our customers and be the trusted manufacturing partner they desire.
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Steve Davis Speaks at Xeikon Café Europe

on 3/27/19 1:31 PM By | Kelly Merz | 0 Comments | Latest News
Steve Davis, President of Tapecon, Inc, spoke at Xeikon Café Europe this week. Xeikon Café is an industry event showcasing Xeikon’s digital print technology and applications. Tapecon installed a Xeikon press in 2009 and Steve was invited to speak at the café as a “User” presenter.
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Tapecon Participates in 2019 IM Freeze

on 3/26/19 5:19 AM By | Kelly Merz | 0 Comments | Latest News
Tapecon is joining in the 3rd Annual I.M. Freeze, on March 30 at Beaver Island State Park, in New York.  Participants will run into the cold Niagara River for charity.  All proceeds go to the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County in support of local families in need. 
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Strategic Thinking with Innovative Technology

on 3/11/19 10:32 AM By | Kelly Merz | 0 Comments | Latest News
To continue strategic thinking throughout our company and “Move Manufacturing Forward”, Tapecon executives embraced Shift to help leverage technology, strategically spark innovation, and energize growth.  Shift is a program from Buffalo Manufacturing Works that allows manufacturers to learn how to produce better, faster and more efficiently.
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Emerging Technology for Durable Equipment Interfaces: In Mold Electronics

When designing your equipment, have you ever wondered "How can I get my interface graphics and electronics to last longer?"
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Solve Your Manufacturing Challenges in Raleigh

on 10/2/18 2:34 PM By | Kelly Merz | 0 Comments | Latest News
Have a manufacturing challenge you’d like to discuss face to face? Tapecon will be exhibiting at Southeast Design-2-Part, on October 10 and 11.  Southeast Design-2-Part will be held at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, and we would like to help you solve your manufacturing challenges in Raleigh. 
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Tapecon Honors the Life of Harlow Davis Jr

on 9/18/18 9:54 AM By | Kelly Merz | 0 Comments | Latest News
Tapecon honors the life of Harlow Davis Jr. Harlow was the 3rd generation of ownership of Tapecon. 
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Tapecon Promotes New Production Manager

on 9/5/18 2:35 PM By | Kelly Merz | 0 Comments | Latest News
Tapecon, Inc. is honored to announce the promotion of Greg Pershyn to Production Manager. He started at Tapecon in 2015 as a screen technician, then advanced to the prepress supervisor. He has vast experience in critical and creative thinking with a Master’s from Buffalo State College. Greg is an exemplary model of our core values, solving application challenges to enhance people’s lives.
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Improve Patient Monitoring with Printed Sensors: A Case Study

on 7/10/18 8:49 AM By | Kelly Merz | 1 Comment | Case Studies Latest News
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Tapecon Awarded Silver Level from WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable

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