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Strategic Thinking with Innovative Technology

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To continue strategic thinking throughout our company and “Move Manufacturing Forward”, Tapecon executives embraced Shift to help leverage technology, strategically spark innovation, and energize growth.  Shift is a program from Buffalo Manufacturing Works that allows manufacturers to learn how to produce better, faster and more efficiently.

Shift allowed Tapecon to take a look at the strategic planning process to keep up with changing technologies.  One of the greatest takeaways for Tapecon is learning how to have a strategy for changing technology; analyze the strategy options, validate and refine those options into priorities, to then rank and select the best options to proceed with.

Tapecon recommends the Shift program to any manufacturer who is facing technology disruptions.  Joining Shift allows you to take a step back and think “what does this mean for my business and how could we put together an effective strategy to mitigate or take advantage of emerging technologies.”

Watch the video below to learn how Shift has helped other manufacturing companies, including Tapecon, move manufacture forward.

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