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Tapecon Statement on COVID-19

Essential Business Status:

Tapecon Inc. maintains all business operations as an “Essential Business” in the state of New York.  Tapecon’s products are essential in the support of combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 coronavirus situation as it relates to our business and to ensure the stability of our, and our customers’ supply chains. Tapecon has always had a Business Continuation Procedure – which assesses various risks and outlines what actions we take if an event took place. While we don’t anticipate that COVID-19 will become detrimental to our workforce, Tapecon is still taking steps to make sure we are prepared.

Raw Materials

Very few of our raw materials are impacted by the coronavirus situation and we continue to monitor our supply and demand closely. Currently, we do not foresee any areas of risk to provide an ample supply of product to support our customers. Our Supply Chain team updates and tracks this information on a continuous basis with the help of our Partners. 

Employee Health & Safety

There is no higher priority to Tapecon than the safety of our Employees, Customers, and Partners. We have taken immediate action and have enacted protocols to help ensure our employees and work spaces remain safe. There have been no suspected or confirmed cases of the coronavirus within Tapecon to date. At this time, we consider the virus situation to be a low threat to our business, but we will continue to monitor the news and update as needed.


We would like to thank you for your partnership and commitment during this challenging time. We'd also like to ask for your continued support relative to the delivery of Tapecon products going forward.

If you need to contact us, our sales team is available at any time. As always, we remain committed to providing you with the very best in products, quality and service. 

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