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Casey Cephas

Casey is the Marketing Coordinator at Tapecon Inc.

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Why You Shouldn’t Think Twice About Bonding with Double-Sided Tape

on 5/16/22 9:00 AM By | Casey Cephas | 0 Comments | Custom Converting
Think back to your childhood. When you had to combine materials during an arts-and-craft project, or maybe even put pieces of a broken toy back together, what did you use? My guess is that tape was your go-to fixer. Now, fast forward, and now you’re an engineer or part of a product design team. Would you be surprised to learn that tape is still a viable bonding solution? Of course, we’re not talking about the same tape from elementary school.
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Unpacking the Benefits and Material Considerations for Tamper-Evident Labels

on 5/9/22 9:00 AM By | Casey Cephas | 0 Comments | Labels
If you’ve ordered takeout or delivery food in the past two years (and who hasn’t?), you have likely noticed new methods to demonstrate that your food is “safe.” The most common application is a sticker that seals the bag or container. If your order arrives and the sticker is ripped, it’s a sign that someone may have handled your food after it left the kitchen. In addition to giving you peace of mind, this is a simple example of tamper-evident labels, which are becoming more prevalent and necessary in many industries – not just food service. In this article, we’ll dig into applications for tamper-evident labels and the benefits of using 3M™ tamper-evident materials.
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A Quick Guide for Selecting the Best Materials for Healthcare Labels

on 5/2/22 9:00 AM By | Casey Cephas | 0 Comments | Labels Medical Device
If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that there’s nothing more valuable than our health. That’s why products used to deliver medical care deserve special attention. Every component, down to the label on the product, needs to ensure the highest level of safety and performance. For many product teams, healthcare labels aren’t the foremost concern – but they’re a critical feature that must be designed, printed, and applied correctly in order to communicate important (and sometimes lifesaving) information about the medical product.
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Two Types of Adhesive Products for Membrane Switches

on 4/25/22 9:00 AM By | Casey Cephas | 0 Comments | Custom Converting Membrane Switch
Within any successful team, you’ll find unsung heroes. They don’t seek the spotlight, but their contributions are undeniable. You could even say they’re the glue that holds everything together. In this article, we’re going to talk about two unsung heroes of a membrane switch: the spacer and mounting adhesive. While these layers may not get as much attention as the faceplate and printed circuit, they are equally crucial in creating a compact, user-friendly electronics control panel.
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The Math of Manufacturing – How Total Cost of Ownership Impacts Reshoring Decisions

on 4/18/22 9:00 AM By | Casey Cephas | 0 Comments | Manufacturing
It’s not often that the supply chain enters the mainstream conversation. However, between product shortages and inflation making daily headlines, consumers and other non-manufacturing folks are all wondering, “What’s going on?” and “Why does everything have to be made overseas?” For nearly 50 years, the answer to the second question was simple: price. Many American companies assume that offshore manufacturing is the cheapest way to make products and boost profits along the way. But that assumption is rightfully being challenged due to rising overseas labor costs, ongoing supply chain issues, and other factors.
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One and Done – Simplifying Durable Labels with 3M Versatile Print Label Material

on 4/11/22 9:00 AM By | Casey Cephas | 0 Comments | Labels Custom Converting
In the world of product design and manufacturing, rarely is there a one-size-fits-all approach. After all, it’s called custom materials converting for a reason. However, when it comes to creating durable labels, there’s a single product line that is often a great starting point regardless of your application or environment. Here at Tapecon, many of our customers are thrilled to learn about 3M™ Versatile Print Label Material and how it can be used for a wide range of durable labels.
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Unlocking the Benefits of 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners

on 4/4/22 9:00 AM By | Casey Cephas | 0 Comments | Custom Converting
Set it and forget it. While sounding convenient, it’s not always a practical approach for certain products and applications. In the real world, it can be more valuable to have the ability to set, remove, and reset as necessary. That’s precisely where 3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners comes in. Dual Lock is 3M’s line of high-strength, reusable fasteners. Think of these products as industrial versions of the hook-and-loop strips used on clothing and other everyday applications. However, 3M takes reclosable fasteners to a whole new level with Dual Lock.
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Benefits and Creative Uses of 3M VHB Tapes

on 3/28/22 9:00 AM By | Casey Cephas | 0 Comments | Custom Converting
Strength is often associated with size. The bigger, the stronger, right? That may go for bodybuilders and heavy-duty vehicles, but it’s not a universal truth. To paraphrase a common idiom, strong things can come in small packages. Case in point – 3M™ VHB™ Tapes are strong enough to fasten construction materials and passenger buses, even though it’s nearly invisible once installed. If you’re not familiar with this impressive tape (or want new ideas on how to use it), this article is for you.
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Podcast: Harry Moser, Founder & President of the Reshoring Initiative

on 3/16/22 9:30 AM By | Casey Cephas | 1 Comment | Podcast
In this episode, we speak with Harry Moser, president of the Reshoring Initiative. Harry has 55 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, including 22 years as president of GF Machining Solutions.  He received his bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He spoke with us about why he founded the nonprofit Reshoring Initiative, and why he’s passionate about helping companies understand the value of reshoring. 
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