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Vibrant and Versatile – Applications for Digital Printing

Vibrant and Versatile – Applications for Toner-Based Digital Printing

In the grand scheme of manufacturing, printing can often become an afterthought. However, as technology advances and industry demands evolve, forward-thinking product teams and manufacturers are putting more emphasis on the printing process. Instead of being a necessary evil, printing can present new opportunities.

In this article, we’ll cover how digital printing can enhance a wide range of applications and even become a competitive advantage for your company.

How digital printing meets industry trends

Digital printing helps companies meet market trends and evolving consumer demands. For example, packaging is no longer an afterthought, especially with the rise of e-commerce. Creative packaging is a crucial differentiator for capturing consumer attention and premiumization. Digital printing is a great solution thanks to high speeds, large volumes, and consistent output.

Digital printing also works well with other innovative technologies, such as variable data printing, electronics, and smart packaging. Manufacturers can tap into these capacities to differentiate their products in an increasingly digital and personalized marketplace.

Applications where Digital printing excels

The advantages of digital printing make this technique viable for various applications. Here are just a few examples.

Smart labels

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has created a surge in demand for smart labels. These tech-enabled labels often contain RFID or NFC chips and need high-resolution, accurate printing. Digital printing is ideal for these sophisticated products, providing clear, precise, high-quality images that resist fading.

Health and beauty products

If there’s one industry where the aesthetic appeal of packaging is paramount, it’s health and beauty. The good news is that digital printing offers limitless design possibilities, allowing brands to experiment with colors, images, and layouts without the need for expensive plate changes. Plus, digital printing's variable data capabilities mean each product can be customized, opening new marketing and brand differentiation opportunities.


For flexible packaging solutions like pouches, digital printing provides benefits in terms of both quality and economy. It enables high-quality, vibrant, and durable printing on various materials, making it ideal for food packaging, pet products, and other applications. Additionally, digital printing reduces setup costs and time, facilitating faster turnaround times and lower minimum order quantities.

Alcoholic beverage packaging

In the highly competitive alcoholic beverage market, packaging is crucial in defining brand identity and standing out on store shelves. With digital printing, breweries, wineries, and distilleries can print unique, intricate designs directly onto bottles or labels. This level of customization allows brands to tell their story in a visually captivating way, setting them apart in a competitive market.

Pharmaceutical and medical labels

Accuracy and clarity are paramount for healthcare labels. Digital printing is excellent for printing small, yet legible text as well as serialization – two key requirements in the pharmaceutical industry. Digital printing is also highly adaptable (remember, no plates to create or change), making it easier for manufacturers to accommodate changes or multiple SKUs without causing delays or increasing costs.

Nutraceutical and cannabis labels

In the emerging nutraceutical and cannabis industries, businesses need packaging that reflects regulatory compliance, product quality, and brand image. Digital printing offers a solution to print small, legible text and detailed images, which is crucial for these labels. Additionally, variable data printing capabilities ensure each label can be unique, accommodating for varying product strengths or dosages within the same print run.

Prime labels

Quality, consistency, and flexibility are crucial for prime labels – the main labels identifying a product and brand. Digital printing technology delivers on all fronts, providing sharp, vibrant images, reliable color-matching, and the flexibility to make changes without additional time or costs.

Anti-counterfeit and brand protection

Digital printing is a proven tool for anti-counterfeit measures and brand protection. With the ability to print unique QR codes, holographic images, or microtext, digital printing provides an extra layer of security to product packaging, deterring counterfeiters and reassuring consumers of product authenticity.


The wearables industry needs printing solutions capable of various materials and designs. Digital printing offers high-quality, durable printing for wearable products, including stick-to-skin applications. For an industry that is all about innovation, digital printing offers flexibility, precision, and the ability to handle small print runs.

Large runs with multiple SKUs

For a company (in almost any industry) managing large runs with multiple SKUs, digital printing offers the flexibility and speed needed to keep operations running smoothly. There’s no need for plate changes or machine setup when switching between designs, making it easy to accommodate variations in packaging. This reduces lead times and facilitates a more efficient, cost-effective production process.

Choosing the right printing partner

As impressive as digital printing is today, the most exciting part is that technology is still advancing. When making the switch to digital printing, our advice is don’t just source a vendor – find a reliable partner. One that can deliver the quality and consistency your application deserves.

At Tapecon, we’re not just printers – we’re problem solvers. Our approach combines materials expertise, application knowledge, and cutting-edge digital printing capabilities. Based in Buffalo, New York, our team is ready to leverage digital printing to elevate your brand and meet the unique demands of your industry.

Let’s make something great

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