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A Buyer’s Guide for Cohesive Tape Dispensers – Basic and Advanced Features

A Buyer’s Guide for Cohesive Tape Dispensers – Basic and Advanced Features

As consumers, we like having choices. But too many options can be overwhelming. In psychology, this choice overload even has a term – “overchoice.” The paradox is that having too many choices can make the decision harder.

The principle applies to purchasing a cohesive tape dispenser for medical device production. There are a handful of options available with different features and price points. Which one is right for your company? Here at Tapecon, we’ve put together this buyer’s guide to help simplify the selection process.

What is a cohesive tape dispenser?

Cohesive tape is a self-adhering and reusable tape, making it the go-to material for securing medical device tubing. The tape comes in large rolls that must be cut to the appropriate length for your tubing set. That’s where a cohesive tape dispenser comes in. The automatic machine eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone process of manually measuring and cutting tape, ensuring the uniformity of your tubing sets.

The basics – how a cohesive tape dispenser works

If you’re in the market for a cohesive tape dispenser, it’s likely to streamline the in-house process of cutting cohesive tape and assembling medical tubing sets. Here are the basic features and how the dispenser works.

  • Cut length setting – The cut length setting is the core feature of any cohesive tape dispenser. The operator should be able to quickly and precisely select the length of tape to be cut. This setting will remain until it is changed to a different length.
  • Automatic cutting – The automatic cutting feature allows the machine to automatically cut the tape to the preset length. This feature eliminates the need for manual cutting, ensuring accuracy and speed in your production line.
  • Delay timer – The delay ensures a smooth, uninterrupted production process. The feature gives your operators ample time to assemble the tape before the machine proceeds with the next round of dispensing. The delay can be programmed to match the speed of your operators or until the cut piece of tape is removed from the dispenser.

Benefits of the Ryandra cohesive tape dispenser

Ryandra, a subsidiary of Tapecon, offers a premium dispenser to go along with a wide range of standard and custom cohesive tape options. In addition to the basic features listed above, the updated Ryandra tape dispenser takes the functionality to the next level. Here are some advanced benefits that enhance your quality and productivity.

  • Reduced assembly time – The unique design of the dispenser assists operators in not just cutting the tape but also applying it to the medical tubing. This dramatically improves productivity by reducing the total assembly time by as much as 50%.
  • Programmable sequence of different lengths – For complex medical tubing sets that require varying lengths of tape, the Ryandra dispenser can be programmed to cut a sequence of different lengths. This allows an operator in a work cell environment to assemble a complete set efficiently.
  • Improved appearance – An additional benefit of making the assembly process more efficient is improving the appearance of the completed tubing set. Operators will feel less rushed and can focus on making the final product aesthetically pleasing and presentable.
  • Heavy-duty construction – Made from stainless steel, the Ryandra cohesive tape dispenser offers superior durability and reliability during high-volume production.

Choosing the ideal cohesive tape dispenser for your operations

While it’s true that any cohesive tape dispenser can streamline the production and assembly process, investing in premium equipment can optimize efficiency and quality. With the Ryandra cohesive tape dispenser, we used our first-hand experience of what operators need to do their job swiftly and effectively, then developed innovative solutions that can benefit any company.

If you want to learn more about the functionality and value of the Ryandra cohesive tape dispenser, contact our expert team for information and a demo.

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