Tapecon Evolving Through Innovation for 100 Years

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For 100 Years, Tapecon has been providing our customers with better product solutions by evolving through innovation. Our evolution has allowed us to continually solve the complex problems of our customers and be the trusted manufacturing partner they desire.

In honor of our 100 Year anniversary, here is a timeline of various events in our history that helped shape our company:


Tapecon 1919



In 1919, the Davis Bulletin company started manufacturing the mechanical sign-changing machine.



Tapecon 1930



In the 1930s, screen printing was introduced, and silk screens replaced hand-painting of signs.



Tapecon 1939



Around 1939, World War II brought the production of water slide-off decals for airplanes and the war effort.



Tapecon 1948



In 1948, Tapecon was a founding member of the Screen Printing Association (SPA), which is now the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA).



Tapecon 1950



In the 1950s, the advent of pressure sensitive adhesives caused a move away from water slide-off decals.



Tapecon 1956



In 1956, Stan Fulwiler founded the FD Tape company in Rochester, N.Y., a small flexographic printing company.



Tapecon 1968



In 1968, FD Tape Company went public as Tapecon Inc, a name that implies “conductive tapes.”



Tapecon 1970



In 1970, Davis Bulletin Co merged into Tapecon Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary.



Tapecon 1983



In 1983, Harlow Davis and Tom Hale purchased the controlling interest in Tapecon Inc.



Tapecon 1992



In 1992, Tapecon Inc takes the company private as a Sub S corporation.




Tapecon 1994



In 1994, the Davis family takes full ownership of Tapecon Inc.




Tapecon 1995



In 1995, Tapecon acquired Duragraphics, adding membrane switches as a full-service product line.



Tapecon 2009



In 2009, Tapecon celebrated 90 years of innovation and made strategic investments in industry-leading digital printing and die cutting equipment.



Tapecon 2013


In 2013, Tapecon consolidated two factories into one renovated, expanded and medically compliant space in Buffalo, NY.




Tapecon 2016



In 2016, Tapecon acquired Ryandra Inc, adding cohesive tape as a product line.



Tapecon 2019 - Celebrating 100 Years



In 2019, Tapecon celebrates 100 years of Evolution through Innovation!

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