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Emerging Technology for Durable Equipment Interfaces: In Mold Electronics


When designing your equipment, have you ever wondered "How can I get my interface graphics and electronics to last longer?"

Designing a piece of equipment can be frustrating, especially in highly regulated markets. Will it work correctly? Can I get it manufactured quickly? You are often responsible for cutting costs and saving time while ensuring the equipment will function in the field.

One key part of your design is the user interface and electronics associated with operating the equipment. When designing your equipment, have you ever wondered "How can I get my interface graphics and electronics to last longer?"

Tapecon provides expertise in printed electronics and user interfaces. We provide better product solutions that you can be confident will be reliable in your regulated market.

One of those potential product solutions is an emerging technology called in-mold electronics (IME).

In-mold electronics integrates your printed circuit patterns directly to the back of the interface graphics, resulting in more cost-effective and efficient manufacturing of your equipment.

  • Lower manufacturing costs by up to 30% due to fewer components and fewer manufacturing steps.
  • Eliminating bulky wires, buttons and rigid circuitry could result in 70% lighter user interfaces.
  • Because it is one single component, your assembly time is reduced by up to 40%.
  • Your graphics and electronics are more durable because they are sub-surface printed, protecting your designs.
  • The lack of crevices and small spaces between buttons and dials make it easier to clean and reduces the buildup of debris and germs.

In-mold electronics can be integrated into any application that involves a user interface: control panels, devices, electronics, equipment, appliances and more. Enhancements like LED's, backlighting, and EMI/RFI shielding can be integrated into your designs, as well.

As a contract manufacturer, Tapecon helps make your job easier by providing a one-stop shop for your user interface manufacturing. Tapecon is a member of the In-Mold Decorating Association, providing additional expert resources for in-mold decorating and in-mold electronics. Contact Tapecon today to discuss a better product solution for your equipment's user interface design.  Click to learn more about our Medical and Industrial IME capabilities.


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