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Improve Your Product with Security Printing

Tapecon helps product teams increase their product’s competitiveness by manufacturing functional graphics with built in brand protection features. In today’s world, just about every product on the market is subject to counterfeiting. Tapecon offers ways to use printing techniques to introduce security features into your industrial and medical products.


One form of security printing is to include a label with a unique device identifier (UDI) like a bar code. This allows each product to have its own individual code that can be used for product management and tracking. A bar code can help capture data and monitor the life of your products after they have been launched. Bar codes and other UDI’s can also be used to achieve regulatory compliance for some industries.


BrandProtection-SecurityPrinting-Microtext-TapeconLabels can also be printed using microtext, which is type that is so small it becomes nearly invisible to the naked eye. Using microtext can help mitigate the risk of a false reproduction of your product. Microtext stands at 1 point, or 0.3528 mm, and makes it extremely difficult to duplicate the message on your product or packaging.


randProtection-SecurityPrinting-Guilloches-TapeconSimilarly, guilloches aim to reduce post release issues by decreasing the risk of your product being falsely reproduced. Guilloches are special, complex line drawings with irregular shapes and patterns that are extremely difficult to copy.




BrandProtection-SecurityPrinting-variable-imaging-TapeconAnother way to incorporate security printing is by having a different image or text on each individual product or part label. This can include serialization, bar codes and even randomly placed micro-dots that are only visible using scanners. Another form of unique device identification, variable imaging allows for tracking of products once they are released and can help improve safety of your products by giving you the ability to accurately pinpoint individual pieces or specific production runs with defects.

Additional security features can help increase your market competitiveness by giving your customers a fast, simple way of ensuring they have your product and not a counterfeit version. Raised images & illustrations can be introduced to your labels, adding a tactile dimension of brand security. This is achieved by adding toners on top of each other which makes authenticating a product as simple as touching it. There are also various materials and inks you can choose from to print your label that will keep your brand secure. A few materials include thermo and UV-sensitive substrates, reactive anti-fraud chemicals, watermarks, holograms, and embedded threads & foils. Clear toners can also be used to print text, messages or shapes that are visible only under UV light.

Contact Tapecon today to learn how we can help you increase your market competitiveness and reduce post-release issues by deterring counterfeiters through security printing.


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