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Tapecon Awarded Silver Level from WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable

Tapecon Awarded Silver Level from WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable

The WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable (WNYSBR) launched the Recognition Program in 2018 to recognize member organizations that have achieved significant sustainability milestones. Tapecon has been awarded Silver Level for 2018 from WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable.  

The WNYSBR Recognition Program recognizes leaders with a track record of turning sustainability plans into action and continuously improving their organization’s performance. As an award-winning organization, WNYSBR identified that Tapecon embodies the WNYSBR Pledge:  

 We commit to becoming a thriving and resilient business by establishing and implementing a Sustainability Plan that:  

  • Reduces waste and pollution  
  • Protects our waterways  
  • Optimizes use of energy and materials  
  • Invests in our communities 

In a transparent and measurable way that collectively, with the efforts of other WNY organizations, reduces the severity of global climate change.  

The Recognition Program awards were offered in bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels. The SBR Recognition Committee determined the award levels through a scoring process composed of two sections: a checklist focused on their organizations sustainability plan implementation and descriptions of three sustainability projects focused on business operations that were implemented or sustained during the past 12 months. 

Tapecon is honored to receive the Silver Level Recognition Program from WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable. Some of Tapecon’s Sustainability initiatives Include: 

    • Environmentally Friendly Ink Technologies 
    • Hazardous Waste Management 
    • Energy Efficient Compressors 
    • Material Recycling Programs (paper, plastic, cardboard, scrap metal and more) 
    • Energy Efficient LED Lighting 
    • Local Purchasing and Partnerships 
    • Local Workforce Development

Tapecon Awarded Silver Level from WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable


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