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Making a Difference – How Manufacturing Careers Enhance Lives

Making a Difference – How Manufacturing Careers Enhance Lives | Tapecon

Contrary to popular belief, there is no “regular” or “normal” job. Not everyone is interested in working in an office 9-5 or using a computer all day. Instead, there is a wide range of career paths and experiences for you to consider based on your skills and interests.

If you’re looking to start a career that allows you to make something authentic and gives you a sense of purpose, consider entering the manufacturing field.

Manufacturing’s impact on daily life

Look around your space right now and take note of all the products made through modern manufacturing (including the device you’re using to read this article).

A career in manufacturing allows you to enhance lives by making products that people want and need. Some of these items are essential to our everyday lives – electronics, vehicles, home goods, appliances – and others can even be life-saving such as medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging. Whether your manufacturing job involves making a single component or assembling the final product, you’re contributing to something that benefits people or society. And while it doesn’t happen every day, it’s exciting to see your work being used out in the real world.

A career in manufacturing also allows you to create something unique using your ingenuity and problem-solving abilities. You can collaborate with product designers, engineers, and other professionals to figure out and test ways to make production more effective and efficient – leaving your mark on the final product.

Creating a better future

In addition to addressing today’s needs, manufacturing also shapes the future. Innovative companies approach manufacturers for help incorporating new materials or processes to bring their ideas to life. If you’re environmentally minded, you can also be part of the movement to use more sustainable and recycled materials to manufacture products.

Another common misconception is that manufacturing means a dark, dirty, and potentially dangerous work environment – which is definitely not the case. Manufacturing facilities follow some of the most rigorous safety guidelines of any industry and use a wide range of cutting-edge technologies to create the best possible product.

Career opportunities

While we’re talking about enhancing lives, don’t overlook a specific individual – yourself. Another misconception is that manufacturing careers are low-skill and have limited opportunities. In fact, American manufacturing is strong and on the rise. Skilled workers are in high demand, and many companies offer paths for continued learning and advancement. An added benefit is that you can gain an entry-level position in manufacturing without accumulating student debt.

How Tapecon is making an impact

At Tapecon, our mission is to “Solve Challenges. Create Product. Enhance Lives.” As a manufacturing partner, we work with our customers to improve their products, so they provide greater value to users. In particular, we’re incredibly proud to help produce several medical devices that improve patient monitoring and quality of care.

Here are a few other ways our team is making a difference in the world:

  • Making products that assure the cleanliness and safety of medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, food, and more.
  • Designing user interfaces for medical and industrial devices that improve operator control and visibility.
  • Creating wearable medical devices that safely stick to the patient’s skin for more accurate, reliable diagnostics.
  • Solving a manufacturing challenge for a component used in space.

Be a Product Creator at Tapecon

If you’re interested in enhancing lives and your career, we invite you to join the Tapecon team. Whether you’re an experienced manufacturing professional or new to the field, we offer exciting challenges, excellent benefits, and plenty of growth opportunities. To learn more about our culture and browse our open positions, head over to the Tapecon Careers page.

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