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10 Questions to Assess Your Manufacturing Sustainability

on 1/31/22 9:30 AM By | Casey Cephas | 0 Comments | Manufacturing Sustainability
Did you know that according to the EPA, American manufacturing accounts for nearly 23% of global carbon emissions? That is just one of the many statistics demonstrating the need for sustainable manufacturing practices.
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3 Ways to Improve Recyclability of Labels and Packaging

on 1/24/22 9:00 AM By | Casey Cephas | 0 Comments | Printing Labels Sustainability
By now, most companies understand the importance of a sustainability plan – the challenge is knowing where to start. Labels and packaging are often a reasonable entry point into sustainable manufacturing since they contribute to a high level of waste. Plus, modifying these items rarely directly impacts the quality or performance of the primary product, resulting in lower risk. Here are three relatively simple ways to improve the recyclability of your labels and packaging through more sustainable materials selection and printing techniques.
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