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Embracing Digital Transformation: Tapecon Invests in a New ERP System

Founded over a century ago, Tapecon is tremendously proud of our history and legacy. At the same time, a key reason for the company’s long-term success is our ability to look forward.

Along with most industries, manufacturing is experiencing a digital transformation. To stay at the forefront of innovation, we are pleased to announce that Tapecon is upgrading our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This new ERP software solution will simplify and automate many of our day-to-day processes – enabling us to reduce waste, improve operational effectiveness, and enhance overall customer experience.

How will the new ERP benefit our customers?

More than anything, this cutting-edge ERP system is an investment in our client’s success. Once fully implemented, you can benefit from improvements in several areas.

  • Lead times– From capacity planning to efficient scheduling to project management, the ERP will help accelerate our production flow and fulfill orders faster.
  • Quote turn-around– With access to real-time information and paperless estimating, we can provide more responsive quotes to keep your project moving forward.
  • Manufacturing processes By streamlining and better organizing our manufacturing documentation and change orders, we aim to improve the efficiency and accuracy of our processes.
  • Quality management – While we already pride ourselves on quality management, the ERP will provide data-driven insights to optimize adherence to specifications and quality standards.
  • Operational effectivenessFrom supply chain to financial management, the ERP centralizes and streamlines operations, enabling us to be more agile and productive.
  • Customer experience– Portals within the ERP will improve our ability to collaborate, provide service, and respond to your inquiries, allowing our customers more options to engage with Tapecon.

When will these changes take place?

We are working to roll out the new ERP system in late Q2 of 2021. Leading up to and during this transition, we will communicate with customers about what changes they should expect and when.

If you have any questions about how Tapecon's new ERP system will affect you, please reach out to your Tapecon representative or submit your inquiry on our Contact Us page.


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