Why You Need a UL Authorized Label Printer

Posted by Casey Cephas | 2/4/20 7:00 AM

What makes a good product? You can argue that it has to be functional, easy-to-use, durable, or innovative. These are all excellent traits. But one undebatable attribute that every product must have is safety.

No matter your industry, the safety of your product is something you have to consider – and perhaps even demonstrate. One of the best ways to do both is by getting your product certified by UL. But before you can put the prestigious circle mark on your product, you also have to make sure that your printer is approved by UL.

What is a UL listed product?

Established in 1894, Underwriters Laboratory, or more commonly known as UL, is a company that sets safety standards for a wide range of product categories – from electronics to building materials. UL also tests products to make sure they meet these standards.

To have your product certified and listed by UL, you must submit a sample to be tested. If it is accepted, you are granted permission to include the UL Mark on your product to verify that it is certified. Not only is adding the UL Mark to your product good from a safety and compliance perspective but it can also be a valuable marketing and sales tool.

What is an authorized label supplier?

For the protection of the certification process and end-users, not all printers are allowed to print the UL Mark. This is because UL labels must be very durable so that the important safety information can be read by the user, even if the product is subjected to harsh conditions. The material and ink used on UL labels must be resistant to moisture, abrasion, corrosive chemicals, UV rays, and other factors.

Only printers that have been accepted in the UL Authorized Label Suppliers Program are permitted to print the UL Mark. To become an authorized label supplier, a printer must submit their labels to be tested under different conditions to ensure they hold up and meet specific requirements. UL also keeps a database of authorized label suppliers that manufactures can search to make sure their printer is authorized.

How Tapecon can help with your UL labels.

At Tapecon, we share our customers’ commitment to safety and quality, which is why we participate in the UL Authorized Label Supplier Program. As part of the program, we have signed an agreement with UL, are authorized to print labels with the UL Mark, and appear in the UL supplier database.

Specifically, Tapecon is recognized in the following categories:

  • PGDQ2 – Marking & Labeling System Component
  • PGJI2 – Marking & Labeling System Component for End User Imprinting

As a UL authorized supplier, we can print on different UL recognized material/laminate/ink combinations for both the United States and Canada. Each year, UL tests samples of our labels to make sure they continue to meet the program’s stringent requirements.

Plus, when you combine our UL labels with our vast array of printing and converting capabilities, Tapecon is uniquely positioned to be your single-source partner.

Get started with labels.

At Tapecon, we have over 100 years of experience helping customers solve their complex product challenges. Learn more about our labels and decals capabilities.

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Written by Casey Cephas

Casey is the Marketing Coordinator at Tapecon Inc.

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