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Podcast: Pjeter Berishaj from LA-CO Industries

Podcast: Pjeter Berishaj from LA-CO Industries and Tempil Inc.

This episode is only our second podcast face-to-face in our post-Covid world, and we were excited to get to discuss some exciting safety technology with Pjeter Berishaj.

Pjeter is the Global Sales Manager for LA-CO Industries, the manufacturer of Templinks, and uses his chemistry background to work toward both medical safety and security, two topics he’s very passionate about. 

We sat down with Pjeter to discuss what he does for LA-CO and where their technology is heading in the future. 

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Conversation Overview

  • Pjeter is educated as a chemist, studying in Kosovo and Detroit. 
  • He received his professional start in automotive paints and coatings.
  • In 2007 he was approached by Tempil, Inc. to handle chemical indicator inks, which was his first introduction to that world. In 2013, LA-CO acquired Tempil, and he’s been working for them since.
  • Tempil’s ink portfolio includes sterilization and security inks. While chemical indicators were invented in the 1960s, they now function in multiple ways. Sterilization of medical instruments can include steam sterilization, plasma or vaporized hydrogen peroxide, or a multitude of other processes. In the world of security, they can be used in things such as money pouches and evidence bags. 
  • There are six types of sterilization process indicators
  • Pjeter’s passion for his work stems from the fact that the CDC reports 700,000 in-hospital infections in the United States a year. The use of quality chemical indicators to ensure sterilization can reduce or eliminate that threat. 
  • Most instruments go through the steam sterilization process which uses no toxins. The process is robust and has proved repeatedly to be the most reliable. 
  • Other processes exist to make instruments that cannot withstand the steam sterilization process such as the plasma or hydrogen peroxide process. 
  • This process is especially effective on equipment that cannot go through the 250-degree Fahrenheit requirement of the steam process such as endoscopes or instruments with electronics inside. 
  • The plasma process also doesn’t use toxins and has proven effective in killing bacteria and viruses to reduce infection. 
  • Chemical indicators are excellent tools for visual inspection if something should or should not be used. The stringent ISO 11140 parameters mean it’s critical that the chemical indicators meet proper performance standards. 
  • Tapecon partners with companies in the manufacturing process to make sure the inks are all properly prepared and printed in the correct way. 
  • Through the years, Tempil, Inc. has taken all the might and force that went behind it after being acquired by LA-CO to refresh product lines and improve their quality. 
  • A lot of work has been done to improve the quality of existing inks such as security inks to meet the challenges of today’s world. For example, money pouches used to transfer money from point A to point B feature chemical indicators to ensure no one tampers with the pouches en route to their destination. 


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