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Tapecon's Better Product Solutions Podcast exists to facilitate conversations among engineers, product managers, procurement managers and a variety of professionals in the manufacturing space to explore a simple pursuit - how we can make products better.

About the Podcast

The Better Product Solutions Podcast is hosted by Steve Davis, President at Tapecon, Inc. He's joined by experts in the manufacturing space to discuss a variety of topics ranging from flexible materials and chemistries to application technology and manufacturing processes. All conversations follow a singular theme - how we as an industry can continue to make products better. Full-length video and audio are made available for each episode, as well as a complete transcription of the entire conversation.

Listen, Watch & Subscribe

All episodes of the podcast are video recorded. While we share a few short clips of each episode on Tapecon's LinkedIn page, all full-length episodes are published to our YouTube channel.

Additionally, you can listen to our podcast on your favorite podcast streaming service. All full-length episodes are published on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more. Be sure to subscribe and leave us a review!


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Podcast: David Liebl of Intricon on Wearable Sensors

In this episode, we chat with David Liebl, Chief Commercial and Technology Officer at Intricon, a...

Podcast: Steve Brabbs from DuPont on Tyvek

In this episode, we spoke with Steve Brabbs, Product and Application Development Leader/IP Manager...

Podcast: Jon Burgoon from Mativ on Wound Therapy

In this episode, we spoke with John Burgoon, Medical Sales M anager for Mativ . Mativ...

Podcast: Brad Hull, Printed Electronics Business Unit Director at Tapecon

In Episode 19, we had a great conversation about printed sensors with Brad Hull, Printed Electronic...

Podcast: John Crosby of Grand Rapids Label on Sustainability

In this episode of our podcast, we spoke with John Crosby, Vice President of Operations at Grand...

Podcast: Aditi Subramanian of FLEXcon on OMNI-WAVE Biosensing Technology

In this episode, we spoke with Aditi Subramanian, Strategic Business Unit Manager for the...

Podcast: ​Arlene Short, Manager of Outreach and Recruitment at Goodwill WNY​

In this episode, we spoke with Arlene Short, Manager of Outreach and Recruitment for Goodwill of...

Podcast: Pjeter Berishaj from LA-CO Industries

This episode is only our second podcast face-to-face in our post-Covid world, and we were excited...

Podcast: Nick LaBelle from 3M on Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

In this episode, we speak with Nick LaBelle, Advanced Specialist Application Engineer from 3M. As...

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