Are you aware of the proposed change in FDA Nutritional Facts?

Posted by Kelly Merz | 10/6/15 2:14 PM


The FDA is proposing to update the Nutrition Facts label on food packages to reflect new public health nutrition information.  Proposed changes to the nutrition labels are to reflect evidence on nutrition, obesity, and chronic disease.  These changes include updating serving size requirements to reflect the amounts of food that people are actually eating and drinking.  A refreshed label format is proposed with key sections of the label including calories, serving size, and percent daily value to be more prominent.

FDA is allowing for public comments in regards to the new label requirements and design.  After a final ruling, a compliance date will be set with the final rule to start within two years.

We encourage you to comment and ensure that you are aware of the proposed changes. Now is the time to speak your opinion and prepare for the changes that will take place to your Nutrition labels.  For more information about the proposed change in FDA Nutritional Facts, follow the FDA link below:

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Written by Kelly Merz

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