Quality and Compliance Manager Named to Board of WNY Sustainable Roundtable

Posted by Kelly Merz | 6/15/17 9:34 AM

Tapecon Quality and Compliance Manager, Mary SennettTapecon is pleased to share that our Quality and Compliance Manager, Mary Sennett, has been named to the Board of WNY Sustainable Roundtable (WNY SBR).

Tapecon, Inc. is a founding member of WNY. In April 2015, Tapecon submitted a Sustainability Plan to support WNY SBR during a forum called “A Sustainability Plan: Why have a Sustainability Plan.  Our Sustainability Plan will be fine-tuned throughout the course of our company’s existence.  Tapecon’s Sustainability plan has been published online at: http://www.wnysustainablebusiness.org/our-members/.

Congratulations to Mary.  We are proud of her drive to continue to support and enhance sustainability at Tapecon.

About WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable:

The WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable is a “business-driven” organization focused on creating an environmentally and economically resilient Buffalo-Niagara through business innovation, knowledge, and co-operation.  Additional information about WNY SBR can be found at: http://www.wnysustainablebusiness.org/WNY Sustainable Roundtable

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Written by Kelly Merz

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