Confidence Through Better Product Solutions

Posted by Kelly Merz | 9/13/17 2:47 PM

TapeconTapecon, Inc. recently announced a new slogan: Confidence Through Better Product Solutions.  The change was led by company President, Steve Davis.  Steve addressed the change by providing insight to the purpose of Tapecon, from the customer’s perspective.

“We are proud to be a multi-generational family owned and operated company with a strong reputation and history in our industry and community.” – Steve Davis

Tapecon as a group, defined: "How do we do what we do?" and "Why do we do what we do?"

“We solve the application challenges of our customers to improve their products. We combine science and application expertise to deliver better product solutions for our customers. Our purpose helps deliver solutions that matter and enhance people’s lives. Ultimately our customers value us because we bring them confidence through better product solutions.”

At Tapecon, we share common core values that are defined through how we behave. We hold each other accountable to our commitment to these values, to provide the best services for our customers.

Our (4) core values and behaviors of those values include:

  • Learning is a Lifestyle
    • We actively seek knowledge to further self-growth and development.
    • We willingly teach and share with patience and understanding.
    • We share and receive knowledge with openness, excitement and a positive attitude.
  • Connect and Collaborate
    • We develop meaningful connections with each other by being transparent, inclusive and approachable
    • We have the courage to be respectfully honest and forthright.
    • We are actively engaged with our team, customers, and community.
  • Embrace the Challenge
    • We willingly accept our customers’ challenges as our own.
    • We calmly adapt to different challenges without fear of failure.
    • We are reliable and committed to each other, working safely to get the job done.
  • Improve It
    • We leverage our constant curiosity to seek improvements.
    • We apply knowledge and different perspectives to develop better solutions.
    • We are self-reflective and accept feedback to improve as individuals.

Through the process of defining our core values, and realizing the main purpose of why our clients do business with Tapecon, we find our new slogan to be fitting.

Confidence Through Better Product Solutions.


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Written by Kelly Merz

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