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Posted by Kelly Merz | 6/7/13 11:48 AM

The customer, a Florida-based, high-end graphic design and engineering firm that has worked on projects that include concept cars and watercraft, found Tapecon through an internet search. The task at hand was an identity badge holder for high-security firms and government agencies.

The badges contained RFID chips and the customer required that the badges could not be scanned when they were secured in the plastic holder. Tapecon tested various material solutions before finding a pressure-sensitive construction that would shield the RFID chips in the holder. The customer was pleased with the solution and Tapecon shipped the completed pressure-sensitive construction.

A few months later, the customer contacted Tapecon, saying that they had noticed bubbles in the pressure-sensitive construction when it was applied to the plastic housing. Tapecon thoroughly investigated the situation and discovered that there was an outgassing of the plastic that ultimately led to the bubbles. The client’s in-house engineers were applying, removing, and reapplying the construction to the plastic, which was not part of its value proposition.

Tapecon suggested taking over the procurement and packaging process in order to cut down on issues. The customer released two molds for the plastic housing, allowing Tapecon to partner with a local plastics company to produce the high-quality housings. Tapecon continued producing the shields and would procure a label application machine to quickly and efficiently apply the pressure-sensitive constructions to the plastic housings. Tapecon would also acquire carton-packaging equipment and added value for the customer by taking over inspection, packaging, labeling, and shipping to the customer’s distribution center.

Tapecon provided the customer with a turnkey work cell, solved the plastics outgassing issue, and added value by providing full service manufacturing for all aspects of the product’s design.

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Written by Kelly Merz

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