Recreational Vehicle Printing Case Study

Posted by Kelly Merz | 4/15/15 3:53 PM


Recreation Vehicle


Customer manufactures specialized propane gas tubing fixtures for many Recreation Vehicle companies. These propane gas tube assemblies must have proper regulatory labels identifying the use and capabilities of their product. Once the propane gas tubing fixtures are completed, labels need to be applied.  A customized labeling machine was purchased and installed to complete the process. They had a problem during the labeling process.  The label machine manufacturer claimed that the machine was not working because of the way that Tapecon produced the labels.   This issue was reviewed with Tapecon and submitted as a customer complaint.


Tapecon requested the recreational vehicle printed labels to be returned for evaluation.  Tapecon performed many tests to evaluate how the labels would perform during normal automatic application conditions.


Determine root cause of why labels would not apply to propane gas tubing fixtures.


Tapecon sent a technician free of charge to visit this customer and review potential problems first hand.


Tapecon reviewed the process and identified the problem as being in the settings on the equipment.  Tapecon contacted the equipment manufacturer to gain access of the PLC that controlled this equipment, made necessary adjustments to equipment providing a solution to the label application problem.

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