OEM In-Mold Decorating Application

Posted by Kelly Merz | 6/29/17 1:01 PM

Industry:  OEM In-Mold Decorating Application


Challenge:  Customer had an existing Door Opener Clicker that they wanted to upgrade the decorating with a brushed silver look.  Traditional methods to accomplish this either wouldn’t pass the tough environmental requirements or withstand the rigors of thermoforming and molding.


Solution:  Our graphics group came up with a variety of brush patterns that were printable.  Using the patterns, our ink technician tested the various patterns with different shades of grey to see which combination best simulated a brushed silver look.  Then in preparation for a high-level meeting with the customer and their marketing, operations and purchasing staff, we printed seven variations of the best combinations of brushed printing using the actual artwork of the part and our OEM in-mold decorating capabilities.  The variations encompassed slight shading differences, brush printing subsurface, brush printing top side, etc.


Feedback from customer:  The team “absolutely loved all the samples sent.  This was a huge hit.”  The marketing team even went outside to view the samples in different degrees of reflection.  Our customer's team was able to collectively pick the version they liked and “drop an order on us right there for 55,000 parts” with a projection of another 200,000 parts by year end.


Summary:  Putting samples in the hands of the customer provides confidence in the capability of an unproven process and accelerates product development and revenue opportunities.

Topics: Case Studies

Written by Kelly Merz

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